Make Your Computer Child-Friendly with Windows-10 Parental Controls

The internet has a lot to offer – good things as well as bad. You can learn almost anything, find answers to everything here. However, it is essential to realize the negative side of the internet, computers and mobile devices. Especially for the children, there is a lot of risk and dangers involved if you allow a child phone monitoring free habit.

It is not appropriate to try to keep them away from computers, or not give them the privilege to use one. Also, it’s practically impossible to do that. The internet is flooded with malicious and inappropriate contents for the kids. For example, unsuitable and inappropriate content can pop up somewhere on the computer screen even when the users are looking for their favourite rock star or movie star. This can be dangerous for the kids, especially those in their early teens.
They may also unintentionally download viruses which will compromise the security of the system. They may become addicted to games, and websites with adult contents, the possibilities are endless. This is why you need to set up parental control on the computers and mobile devices and stop child phone monitoring free.

The Microsoft Corporation has added this amazing feature to win 8, and win 10 which is family safety. This feature will allow you to monitor your kid’s activities, restrict the time and give them access only to child-friendly websites, apps, and games. To set up parental control on your win 10 computer, follow these steps.

Add user account

The first thing you need to do is add users. If you and your kids are sharing the same user account to access the computer, go ahead and add another user account for your child. Use the administrator account details and login into the device.

Go to settings, here you will find the accounts, click on it. When you click the accounts option, you will be taken to a page where you will see the “family and other people/users” on the left-hand side. Click this option and then click ‘Add a family.’

Set up your kid’s user account and Microsoft account

To continue, select ‘add a child.’ Provide the details as required and protect the account with a password. If your kid does not own an email account or a Microsoft account, there is another way to do it, so don’t worry.

There is an option where the system will allow you to proceed by creating a new email account. Click on the option where it says “my kid does not own an email account’ or ‘this person does not have an email account.’ Fill up the details and obtain a new email address and a password. The password must be something that is easy for your child to remember. A combination of his or her favourite colour and pet’s name is a good idea. When your child’s account is ready, click ‘send an invite.’

When you are done, add your phone number or your email address. This will help you ensure maximum security, and you may also need it in the future if a problem arises.
Note. You may be charged a little amount of money by Microsoft. This is done to verify your identity and security reasons.

Customize the settings

To view the list of children added to your computer, go to ‘family and other users’. If your kid has accepted your invitation, you can start configuring the settings. If your invitation has not been yet accepted, it will be on the pending list. You can temporarily block them from accessing the computer if they refuse to accept this new rule.
To start configuring the online settings, go to ‘manage family setting online,’ and choose the account you wish to add restrictions.

Block the websites

After you have selected the account name, go to settings and block or restrict those websites that are not meant for children. You can also type in URLs and add them to the blacklist. Also remember to turn on the safe search, and disable private browsing.

Add time limit

To do this, go to ‘screen time’, and determine the time your child is allowed to access the PC. For example, you can let them use the computer from 7 am to 8 am in the morning and 8 pm to 9 pm in the evening.

Post restrictions on apps

This is also applicable on Windows phone and even X box one. Using this feature, remove inappropriate programs or block the apps that seem unfit for your child depending on his or her age.

Keep an eye on the activity log

Turn on activity reporting to gain access to browsing history and other activities. To do this, click on ‘recent activities’ and turn on the ‘activity reporting’ with another click.

Games and apps purchase

If you are a liberal parent, you can fill your child’s Microsoft accounts with funds. This can be used for purchasing games and apps from the Microsoft store and X box store. As a responsible parent, you have the right to choose what kind of apps or games your child can get. Or you can simply set it to allow only free games and apps. You can also turn on the notification on so that you will be sent an email every time your kid downloads an app.

Creating a safe environment for the children is achievable through these easy steps. A child phone monitoring free elimination will not only keep your children away from harmful contents, but it also helps you monitor or manage the way the kids handle their devices. As a responsible parent, it is absolutely necessary to set up parental control to ensure the safety of the children.
As mentioned earlier, the internet is full of harmful and unsuitable contents for the children

Knowing that the kids are safe online will give you peace of mind, and you can also have a little chat with them when you find something on their activity log that disturbs you.

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