WhatsApp Spy App Free Download – How to Spy WhatsApp in 2021

WhatsApp has more than 2 billion users worldwide sharing text messages, videos, audio messages, video calling, etc. It is one of the most famous social media platforms in the world, beating all others.

It is very useful in connecting people far away from the world. WhatsApp messenger platform gives you the power to show the world your creativity, warmth and sharing beneficial information which can be fruitful to the society.

But it has some disadvantages as well. If not used with discipline it can be very time-consuming. It can cause distractions and even addiction in all age groups, young or old. It can damage relationships and create a feeling of insecurity in the minds of parents for their kids.


As we all know that social media has its benefits as well as harmful effects in society. Recent events in the international arena have been caused by information shared through this Social Media platform. 

To keep the checks and balances of WhatsApp many spying applications such as mSpy, NEXSPY, etc. are available in the market where you can spy on WhatsApp messages without target phone of your under-aged kids for their protection.

Here, we would discuss about NEXSPY which is a very effective spying tool to track WhatsApp application with or without jailbreak.

Best WhatsApp Spy app for Android and iPhone

NEXSPY is one of the most famous and widely used spying apps. Let’s have a look at why NEXSPY is more effective and popular. NEXSPY is unique because of its 50+ features including features to keep an eye on WhatsApp application in Android as well as iOS devices.

All you need is the target device for spying on WhatsApp messages through NEXSPY.


The authenticity or reliability of NEXSPY for hacking WhatsApp messages is unmatched because of its various features such as retrieving call logs, messages social media activities in WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook. The unique feature of the stealth camera to control the device’s camera recording in the NEXSPY app makes it special.

Features of WhatsApp Spy App

As mentioned earlier NEXSPY has 50+ features that make it unique among all the phone spy apps. Some of them are:

Call Logs

NEXSPY helps to monitor detailed call records and keep track of all calls including incoming, outgoing and missed calls.


VoIP Call Log

NEXSPY also monitors the call logs of VoIP applications. It is a unique feature of NEXSPY. NEXSPY can also record the VoIP call remotely using VoIP applications.

Contact List

It helps to get the entire contact list or address book of the target device. This feature is very helpful for parents as well as employers to get to know the types of contacts their kids or employees are having.

FaceTime Spy Cam

With this facility, we can see and hear the activity of the surrounding using secretly answered FaceTime call. It also records the surrounding and you can listen to that recording later.


You can read text messages from another phone without them knowing. It can remotely access all the MMS as well. Besides, it can view all incoming and outgoing iMessages. Moreover, it can keep a record of all the emails received by or sent from the target device.



NEXSPY spy app helps to view all messages, call logs, multimedia, and group chats of popular messenger apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype, Instagram, Viber, Line, and WeChat, etc. 

Location Tracking

It keeps precise track of target device through GPS tracking. It keeps track of every step with detailed location history. GEOfencing is one of the most promising features of NEXSPY to monitor the entry and exit of the targeted device to specific locations.

Internet Activity

Keep track of all browsing history details with all websites visited with date and time. It also helps in monitoring the kid’s interest in a particular website and also keeps track of the bookmarked list. NEXSPY can also track the Wi-Fi network to which target device is ever connected along with the location, date and time duration.


Media Files

NEXSPY can view & download all the photos from the target device. It can also view the media files and download them to view them later. NEXSPY app can listen and record all the audio files and even send them to target devices. This way NEXSPY keeps track of media files whether it is an audio, video or any kind of image.


It keeps a record of all the installed apps on the target device and also monitors the app preferences. It provides detailed information about app usage and also records the duration of the usage. You can also keep a record of screenshots of the app used by the target device. 

Through monitoring calendar app it tracks the important event details, locations and time, which is a very useful feature for parents as well as for employers. It also checks the battery levels and monitors if any app is consuming more battery. 

Data Capture

It is a very distinctive feature of NEXSPY. NEXSPY works smoothly as a Keylogger. It records the entire pressed key in target devices. With iPad’s camera, it takes the photo and it even records the videos stealthily from the hidden video recorder. 



You will get notifications when the SIM Card on the target device is changed. You will also get an alert message if the target device is frequently contacted to a specific number. One more feature of this spy app is that you can get an alert message if some keywords of your choice are spotted in text or even in emails also. With these features, parents feel secured that every activity of their kids is properly noticed to prevent them from any adverse situations.

Stay Hidden

You can choose the invisibility option to keep the app hidden from the app list. You can hide all the rooting traces in the Android device and jailbreaking traces in an iPhone, from the target device. It is also possible to remotely control the target device through an online dashboard. NEXSPY can remotely restart the device without physical touch. The app can be easily deactivated, uninstalled or updated remotely through the control panel. You do not need to have any physical access to the target device for these activities. 

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Along with the above-mentioned key features, NEXSPY is very easy to install and use. It is the most popular app with highly advanced features. The security and privacy policy of these apps are amazing and the data is encrypted very safely. Updating and renewal of the subscription are very easy so you can enjoy its services uninterruptedly.

Installation of NEXSPY WhatsApp Spy App for Android: 

  1. Physical access to the target device is required only once to install the NEXSPY app.
  2. The target device must be connected to the Internet.
  3. Enable unknown source.
  4. Go to settings, find lock screen and security key.
  5. After enabling the unknown source “click” ok button.
  6. Now download the NEXSPY from its official website after paying the subscription fee depending upon your choice i.e. Monthly, Quarterly or Yearly.
  7. You will then receive the license code on your registered email address, enter the license code to activate the NEXSPY app to spy on the device’s WhatsApp.
  8. Make sure to clear or remove Browser download history.

For the iPhone, it is necessary to Jailbreak the target device before the installation of NEXSPY.

After successful installation, you can track the WhatsApp application of the target device.

Compatibility of NEXSPY WhatsApp Spy App 

NEXSPY is compatible with almost all the devices like

  • Android – 4.0.3 to 9
  • iOS- All version up to iOS 12.4
  • Windows- Windows 7,8 & 8.1, 10
  • macOS – High Sierra, Yosemite, Mavericks, and EI Capitan


There are various plans (Monthly, Quarterly, and Yearly) available on the official website of NEXSPY. You can choose any of the plans according to your requirements. The subscription plan can be easily renewed or updated in NEXSPY.


How to spy  WhatsApp messages without installing on the target phone?

The best WhatsApp hacking app is an important social media app. It is very useful in spreading awareness in the society through text messages, audio clips, video clips, and images. But if it is not properly utilized for the betterment it can have disastrous effects in the society. To check the misuses of WhatsApp many spying software and applications are available which can help curb its disadvantages to the under-aged kids.

NEXSPY app is one of the most powerful apps to monitor activities of any app including WhatsApp. It can track and also alert parents or employers for any kind of suspicious activities of their kids or employees. Parents can protect their children from becoming a part of any illegal group. They can also protect their children from any cybercrime or cyberbullying through the WhatsApp group. 

Finally, hack someone’s WhatsApp is very essential nowadays for parents to keep monitoring the social behavior of their children. Parents can monitor their social group and their activities. They can even watch their chats and take timely action to prevent them from any harm.

Before proceeding for spying on someone’s phone, we recommend you to ensure to have mutual consent of the individual who you are spying on. As the rules related to spying may be different in different countries, it is advisable to check and abide by the laws prevailing in your local area about digital spying.



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