How to View Someone’s Private Instagram Photos & Messages?

Instagram is the next big thing in the social networking realm, after Facebook. It is a hugely popular networking site that enables its users to instantly share their photos and videos to its followers that include friends, family, and others.


There are two options for creating an Instagram account. One is a private account and the other is public. Anyone can view the contents of a public account. But if you toggle your Instagram profile setting to private, then all your images and video contents will be made private.

This means, only your friends on your Instagram list can view your images and videos and the other contents too.

How to view someone’s private Instagram photos

The only legitimate way to view someone’s private Instagram photos is to appropriately send a ‘Follow’ request to that user. The user will be notified that you have sent a ‘Follow’ request to him/her.

If the user approves your request, you will be able to view his/her photos, videos and other contents on the user’s profile. If the request is not accepted, there are other ways and means that you can go through to be able to gain access to others’ private Instagram photos.

The next method to get access to somebody’s private account is by creating a fake Instagram ID and then sending the request to ‘follow’ the target user. You can create a fake username ID to cover up your true identity from the target user.


It is easy to switch between your true Instagram ID and your fake one. There is a Profile icon at the bottom right corner of the display screen; if you keep pressing for a long time at the icon, you can switch between the two accounts easily.

You can give an appealing username for your fake ID to catch the attention of the target user. Out of interest or curiosity, the target user may accept your request and follow you back.

Creating a fake Instagram ID is a legitimate method of gaining access to somebody’s Instagram account. So, have no fear and try this method if the first method fails.

How to hack Instagram direct messages and photos

The other inappropriate methods to view Instagram private accounts are finding hacking tools to gain access to someone’s account.

The developers of Instagram have taken keen measures to ensure that Instagram profiles cannot be hacked.


Still, cyber hackers have found some loopholes, who then went on to create these hacking tools to be able to view the image contents of a private Instagram account.


You can hack somone’s Instagram accounts by using NEXSPY – a popular app used for hacking a phone from a remote location.

The first step is to sign up for a NEXSPY account with a valid email address, select a subscription plan or go with the 3-day trial offer. You will receive your account username and password soon after.

Once you’ve got your account credentials, the next step is to install the spy app on the target device. Go to to login to your account and access the installation guide for downloading and installing the app.


Follow the instructions to download the app, after the download is successful, you can run it to start the installation. Enter your license key when asked to activate the program.

You will need to press the ‘Hide’ button if you wish to hide the program completely on the target device, it will not be displayed anywhere and therefore the target will never get to know.

The program can now start the Instagram account linked with the target device., and you can begin monitoring the target user’s Instagram account.

Login back to your account, under the ‘Data’ tab on the left menu, select IMs then Instagram, you can start viewing images, videos, messages, and other content. You can monitor the Instagram contents associated with social apps from a remote location.


You can also hack into someone’s Instagram private account by using the iOS or Android keylogger app. With a keylogger app, you can record every keystroke made on your target device.

This method makes it possible for you to track every password of networking sites from the target user’s device. Once you dig out the password, the rest of the work is a cakewalk.

There are other spy apps for Android or iPhone that can help you hack somebody’s messages and photos on Instagram. Let us take a quick look at a few of them.


Private Insta

Private Insta is another popular spy tool that is capable of secretly digging out various content from Instagram accounts. You need to copy and paste the user ID of the targeted Instagram user that you have on your mind.

After you add the user ID, click on the ‘Submit’ icon and it will begin its search for you. The app will extract the private profile of the target user, its pictures and contents for you.

When the Instagram search is done, you will then be asked to participate in a survey. And when the survey is done, you can view the contents of the target user’s Instagram account.


Private Insta is one of the most popular spy apps that is used by most stalkers to gain access to private accounts of its target users on Instagram.42. Insta Looker

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Insta Looker is another popular app used for hacking into private accounts of Instagram users. When you open the URL, an icon ‘Spy Now’ will appear. Click on the icon and proceed to the next page.

On the next page, the app will ask you to enter the username of the target profile. Then, you can click on the ‘Submit’ icon. Insta Looker will begin its search for you, to look for the profile that you are looking for.

If the profile exists, you will be asked whether you would like to continue the search. Push the ‘click here to continue’ button and the search will continue.

The app will extract the photos, messages and other contents of the target user’s profile once you complete a survey. And there, you can secretly enjoy the targeted user’s profile.



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