How To Track Someone Else’s iPhone Without Them Knowing?

The Apple company stands as one of the most intimidating contenders when it comes to the competitive world of cell phone markets. With a global reach of twenty-four countries and 506 registered outlets around the world, with 272 of them in the US alone. It is without question, definitely one of the most popular cell phones sought after.

With this sort of social media and global popularity, it becomes a necessity to make sure that it is installed with cell phone trackers to ensure that, in the event of an iPhone being stolen, you can track and recover it quickly. Or in another case, you will be able to discreetly keep tabs on a loved one like a child through their iPhone.

Is it possible to track an iPhone by phone number?

The short answer is NO, you can’t find someone’s location by using a phone number. Any cell phone tracker app without permission requires physical access to the iPhone to install the software discreetly. In other words, the tracker app has to find its way into the cell phone to give access to the person wanting to track the phone remotely.


It has to be first downloaded onto the target phone and installed before any tracking or monitoring happens. Unless you are some kind of secret agent in a most fictional spy movie, it is doubtful that you will find any means or information on how to track an iPhone by phone number only.

How to secretly track an iPhone?

The coming of the cell phone market has led to the rise of many cell phone tracking and surveillance industries. It means that you can secretly keep track of an electronic device like an iPhone without the knowledge of the user.

How to Track an iPhone without Them Knowing?

NEXSPY – The Best Way to Track Someone Else’s iPhone Without Them Knowing 

NEXSPY is one of the best choices when it comes to how to track a cell phone location without them knowing. It is made with the convenience of customers in mind so that anyone can install it under ten minutes like a pro.


Also, the purchase of the NEXSPY Premium package provides you with the license to tap into its tracking as well as spying facilities. This way, you can keep track of activities, purchases, or expensive calls made on the iPhone. Thus, NEXSPY provides a good answer on how to secretly track an iPhone.


NEXSPY provides its customers with facilities to utilize and monitor an iPhone remotely and with discretion. It can provide access to remotely checking on the iPhone records such as incoming and outgoing calls, text and IIM message history, email and social media posts, search history on search engines, etc.

With its arsenal of over 50 features, you are assured that the tracked iPhone’s whereabouts are always accurate and that it is not being used for undesirable practices.

NEXSPY dashboard 1

However, it is a significant point to remember that the iPhone should be one bought under your name so that you have no problem gaining access to it to install the iPhone tracker. In another case, you should obtain written or verbal consent of its owner so that the laws are kept and the right to privacy is not violated.

After installation, you should be able to track the whereabouts of that phone via your phone or personal computer. Sometimes, tracking the phone is not enough, especially when it comes to circumstances where a phone is stolen, monitoring a minor’s cellular activities, or a child getting their sticky fingers onto a phone without permission.

For such cases, given below is an app that will have all the features you can think of to safeguard your iPhone against any accident or theft.

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Steps to track a phone using NEXSPY

All of the NEXSPY features can be availed through the submission of a valid email address that you actively use, and secure payments for the safety and monitoring of your iPhone.

After you make your purchase on the NEXSPY website, make sure that you keep checking your email’s inbox for your log in information and credentials.

With this, you can directly go onto the NEXSPY website and access your new tracking monitoring account. Given below are steps on how to track an iPhone with NEXSPY.


Step 1: 

Get a NEXSPY license, you will receive login credentials for your new account

Buying a NEXSPY license is easy, and opting for a Premium plan will give you access to all of this software tracking features. As far as payments go, NEXSPY is one of the most affordable tracking and monitoring apps available.

NEXSPY provides its service via three simple packages that span from a monthly, quarterly, to a yearly subscription. These prices vary for different devices such as Android, iPhone, iPad, and PC and Mac electronic devices.

For cell phone users like the iPhone, the costs can go from $19 to $39 per month according to the package you subscribe to. Check the website for details on pricing, as well as for information on discounts.

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Step 2: 

Install and then configure NEXSPY

This step requires you to physically get to the phone in order to install the NEXPSY app on it.

First, ensure that the iPhone’s iOS version is up-to-date and matches the requirements of the app.


The iPhone will need to undergo a jailbreak, i.e. the iPhone has to have the pre-configured manufacturer’s download restrictions removed. This way, it can download apps outside of the App Store.

You can refer to the NEXSPY website to check up on how exactly to install and configure the app. The installation and activation should take just 10 minutes on average, only by following a few easy steps.

Step 3:

Log into your NEXSPY web account and view captured data

By then, you will be able to access a list of dated history and updated information on the target phone as long as its internet is on.

It can all be viewed by accessing your personal account portal on the website where you will get finally get the answer to the question of how to secretly track an iPhone.

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