SMS Spy App Without Access To Target Phone Free Trial

After the invention of smartphones, spying on someone’s SMS or text messages had become more rampant and common. Everyone may have their reason for making use of different spy applications or SMS spy on other’s phones. Some may opt to do this to check out all messages on the target phone.


Even though there are lots of reasons why one may wish to check on other people’s SMS, we can assume that no one’s having any treacherous plans in doing so. Moreover, there are many concerned parents out there who want their children to be safe in using various messaging applications. And there are also some employers who want to know if their office devices are properly handled and more.

Whatever the reason for a person may be, this guide will tell you what is the best SMS tracker app that you can use without even accessing the target phone.

Why use sms spy apps?

A lot of people nowadays want to read text messages from another phone without them knowing. Here, we will be explaining about the two people who have this particular need and their possibly acceptable reason in doing it.


As parents, it is their responsibility to know with whom their children are talking or dealing with. amongst the best ways of getting an idea about it is by way of reading their children’s SMS.

Nevertheless, kids nowadays are hideous and don’t like showing their messages to their parents. This is now where SMS spying apps enter. Parents may use these apps in spying on their children’s SMS or messages. Through this, parents will know if their children are dealing with or doing something bad.



As an employer, spying on your employees’ SMS might be an advantage. In case they are dealing with your competitors, discussing some of your company’s plan, you will immediately know it. They can also use these spying applications to their employees in some other ways, like location tracking, online activities checking, and more.

Is it possible to spy SMS without accessing the target phone?

The term ‘spy’ – doesn’t it instantly churn up any memories of the dashing 007, sneaking through dangerous criminals to get high profile secrets? Well, enough for that – that’s too old, let’s cut it through the 21st century!

In today’s day and time, you do not always need to be present physically around the target, in order to keep an eye on someone you want to spy on. How?

Have you heard of NEXSPY? It is one of the leading Android spy apps that allows you in conducting spy on a smartphone without accessing the target phone. You might just need to install the application in the target’s phone and you may already keep a tab on it anywhere, anytime.


Provided you have an internet connection, you’ll be able to do a lot of things with this app, even without the need for you to be around the target phone at all.

For instance, you want to spy on a cell phone without having It. Installing NEXSPY on his or her smartphone, you might easily monitor his or her communication history and location right from your office or home. This application works in secrecy mode so the target will never know what he or she is being spied on.

How to spy SMS without the target phone?


Is a reliable spy application that you can use to access the data from the target phone in a greatly efficient manner. There are so many smartphone spying apps, but this one is surely a standout. It is unique, as it’s simple and so powerful.

You can intercept text messages of the target phone, without the owner noticing it. What’s great as well, is that NEXSPY offers SMS spy without target phone free trial, as they offer a 3-day free trial of all the amazing features of the app.


If you’re a new user, you can use the tool so easily. The steps in doing so can be done in just 5 minutes and the information from the target smartphone may be accessed from your online account. You may need at least 5 minutes of access to the phone, in order to configure the necessary changes.

Further, NEXSPY can be used in all kinds of users. Although you aren’t aware of the complicated tech terms, you may use the app by these simple and easy steps:

  1. Go to NEXSPY official website
  2. Download the NEXSPY app and install on the target’s smartphone
  3. After activating your online account, you’ll receive information from the target device
  4. As you login to your account on NEXSPY, you’ll be able to view all SMS of the target. Not only that, but you will also be able to view their phone call logs, web browsing activity, and more!

More uses of NEXSPY

Aside from spying on the target’s SMS, you may also use NEXSPY in some other ways, including the following:

Call logs

You can uncover calls received and made by the target phone. It will give you the complete history of all the call logs even when the target smartphone is far from you.


Record surroundings and phone calls

Monitoring and recording VoIP calls are possible in the app, so all of the communication made on apps like Facebook, Skype, Viber, WhatsApp, and the likes is easily monitored.

GPS location

NEXSPY’s GPS navigator is a valuable feature that you might find very handy when you need so. It does not matter whether the target is online or not, this might do the necessary job and will provide the precise location of the phone.


Multimedia files

The NEXSPY has an astounding secrecy camera in which you might be able to control over the camera of the target phone. With this feature, every time a picture is taken with the camera of the phone, the picture might directly be sent to you.

Online activities

You might be able to track the internet and social media activities of the target’s phone.

Final say

You can now spy on the SMS of someone without even accessing the target phone with NEXSPY. After having it installed on the target phone, you will get all the information you need – in full detail. What’s even better is that it comes with a free trial promo!

Remember though, spying on any individual without his or her permission is illegal. NEXSPY doesn’t support this kind of activity and firmly suggests legal tracking for parents and employers.



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