Qustodio: Parental Control Software for Internet Access

Every parent would agree with the fact that it is challenging to undertake parental control over the internet. These days parents should carefully monitor their children lest they become victims of various inappropriate internet activities. As such, parents need to find a solution that can help to monitor their children. So, what are parental controls and which is the best parental control software? If you are such a parent, you should consider using Qustodio, which is parental control software that can filter internet activity. Qustodio provides a guide for setup, and you don’t have to learn the intricate details of the software for running it on your computer. It is not only easy to use, but it is also entirely free.

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The system of Qustodio comes in two parts. The first part system of Qustodio is that it uses the internet to control the rules and settings of Qustodio. The second part system is that it uses a client to enforce those rules.


You can visit the Qustodio site to download this software. You have to click on the Download which will automatically begin to download the file. Once you have downloaded the file, you can make a double click on that downloaded file to start the installation process. The procedure might sound extremely complicated for you, but it takes less than five minutes for you to complete all the necessary procedures to install Qustodio. But note that you have to individually install the Qustodio on every computer to ensure the best parental control software. Besides, the control of Qustodio comes under a single authority on the web. It will help you to manage and control multiple devices from your Qustodio account.

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The online information management tool, also known as online dashboard divides into two segments. The first segment of the online information management tool is an activity summary. The online information management tool will send you an outline every time you install Qustodio on a device. It is about the ongoing activities of users linked with the Qustodio account. The dashboard is in-built with a tabular setup that enables to steer easily between users and devices.

Kinds of Data that Qustodio can Track

Based on the online information management tool, Qustodio can track the following data:

  • Qustodio can track the previous online time.
  • Next, it can track the amount of time spent on the internet for a day.
  • Thirdly, Qustodio can track the usage of the internet during the last 14 days.
  • Qustodio can also track the overview of various activities such as web browsing, social network, and search engine.
  • Finally, Qustodio can track the nature of the devices used.

How often should you update the summary activity of Qustodio? Answering this question would require further analysis of the software. But based on it, you can anticipate updating the data every three hours. Nevertheless, Qustodio as parental control software, the developers have efficiently designed to perform its function of monitoring children.

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Methods to Control Your Children

The time has come for every parent to be sensible in monitoring the children with the use of computer and internet. For your convenience, we have listed two methods for you to use when guiding your children with the use of the internet. We have already discussed the first method above, which deals with monitoring your children. The second method deals with blocking specific websites before your children start to view them. In other words, the second method is all about web filter.

The web filter furnished by Qustodio is similar to any conventional web filter. Nevertheless, it has everything that can meet the needs for achieving the best parental control software. Some of the features of Qustodio web filter are as follow:

The first feature of Qustodio web filter is website categories. This feature enables you to decide the type of websites that your children can view and those which they cannot. For instance, you can set those websites that are educational for your children, and you can exclude those websites like pornography which are inappropriate for children. Besides, Qustodio web filter has another feature called alert. This feature does not entirely block a site, but it will inform you whenever your children visit an inappropriate website.


The second feature of Qustodio web filter is website exceptions. This feature allows you to control individual websites. Further, with this feature, you can enable those blocked websites or block those permitted websites. The alert feature even works here.

The third feature of Qustodio web filter is uncategorized websites. You can use this feature to decide whether you should automatically block or allow uncategorized websites.

Another feature of Qustodio web filter is a safe search. With this feature, you can control the search engine. When your children search for particular content, this feature of Qustodio will automatically remove specific sites with inappropriate web content.

The ability to limit the time your children spend online is another essential feature of Qustodio. There are several methods for executing this feature, and each method comes with its own merits.

One of the methods to limit the time for your children internet usage is the Internet Usage Schedule. You can use this method to set a schedule which will automatically allow or block internet access in your children devices. Although you can easily set the schedule, you should remember that the schedule works only in one-hour interval blocks.


Another method to control your children internet usage is by using the Time Allowance feature. You can use this feature to set the number of hours your children can use the internet per day. Your children will not be able to access the internet after the completion of the set hours.

What will happen if your child runs out of internet time is a question determined by Qustodio? There are three actions that Qustodio can undertake. Qustodio will block your children access to the internet, but it will allow using the computer, or Qustodio will block both the internet and computer. In some cases, Qustodio will send you an alert to notify the ongoing activity.


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