Top 6 Keyloggers for iPhone & iPad 2021

In case you’re looking for a keylogger for iPhone and iPad and trying to find on on Google, then you know that there’s a lot of them floating around, and it’s pretty tricky to decide which one to choose and which one would serve your purpose best. 

You might think that a keylogger is, after all, a keylogger, and it’s meant to log every keystroke on the device anyway, so any app from the top Google search result would be enough for your need. But that’s not true. 


While a keylogger merely logs the keystrokes, every app does it differently, and every app has different requirements to work perfectly. For instance, some keylogger apps can work on iPhones that are not jailbroken, while for some, you need to jailbreak the phone. And moreover, there’s almost no premium app for iPhone that does work only as a keylogger – they are primarily phone monitoring tool, and keylogging is an essential part, among other features. 

That means you aren’t buying any keylogger tool only, you’re actually paying for the full monitoring suite. Hence, if you have to end up purchasing a complete spy application, why not invest in the best phone monitoring app in most of the aspects that comes with keylogging as a feature, right?

Today in this article, we are going to review seven top iPhone monitoring apps that are handpicked by us, and we did intensive testing before we came up with our final verdict. But before we get into it, let’s first know some things about keyloggers for those who are not aware yet.

What is a keylogger app

A keylogger is an application that tracks every key pressed on the device by the owner. When you install a keylogger in a user’s device, it records the keystrokes in proper sequence and sends it to your email or save inside your account. So, whenever the user types anything, be it a username, or a password, or a web URL, you know them all. It works behind the scene discretely, so the user who is using the device, can’t know that their every keypress is being tracked. 


If you’re using a paid keylogger (not the free ones as those are neither useful, nor discrete) – it’s virtually impossible for anyone to detect, meaning whoever installed the keylogger in the device, will have complete access to everything typed on the same, including what the user is searching on the web, what sites he/she visits, all of their chat and email content, and more.

Why you should use a keylogger

Using a keylogger is a must if you’re a parent and want to protect your children from being exposed to the evil side of the online world. As adolescents, It is very easy for them to be hooked up with sites like adult-oriented, piracy, illegal download, etc., and get connected with the wrong kind of people. If you know what they are typing or searching on their phone, you’ll be one step ahead and can prevent them from falling prey to such things before anything bad happens.


Now, before we start with our list of top keyloggers, let us tell you that we have compiled this list with only premium tools that will cost you some subscription fee. If you expected to find an iPhone keylogger free in this article, we are sorry to disappoint you, but there’s no such thing. 

Of course, you can find plenty of such free keyloggers on the internet, but in almost every case, those are either too useless or just a scam. We know that you don’t want to install malware in the device that will definitely log the keys, and much more – but only to steal the sensitive information.

Top 6 Keyloggers for iPhone & iPad 2021


NEXSPY is a premium smartphone monitoring tool that comes with a keylogger as part of its crucial features. It silently runs on the target device, and there’s no way the user can find its existence. However, no remote installation feature is available with Nexspy, you must have the physical access to the iPhone in which you’re going to install it. Also, another important point to be noted that the iPhone or iPad needs to be in the jailbroken state before you install Nexspy, as it doesn’t work without that. 


The most prominent features of NEXSPYare the followings-

Keylogging: In our review, we found NEXSPYkeylogger as the most accurate and consistent one out of all seven. During our test period, it captured every key we pressed and every word we typed, without a single instance of failing. The success rate was 100%, hence we placed it at the top of our best iPhone keylogger of 2021 list.

It monitors the contact list on the phone, call logs, and record calls during the conversation to save it as media files in the dashboard.

It monitors emails, text and multimedia messages, and browsing history, including the browsing traces that were deleted by the user.

NEXSPY monitors and tracks instant messaging tools and most of the social media apps, including, Facebook, WhatsApp, Messenger, Line, Wechat, and more.

NEXSPY dashboard 1

NEXSPY keeps monitoring the media files, and the app usage details with date and time.

Tracking GPS coordinates of the device so that you don’t have to wonder where your kids are right at the moment you want to find.

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mSpy is a pretty good keylogger for Android & iOs with lots of features to monitor your children’s virtual activities. However, unless you can jailbreak the iPhone you’re going to target, this application won’t be able to do anything, despite its many unique features to track your child’s every step in the online world. So you want to make sure that your kid’s iPhone is jailbroken already before you purchase mSpy. Apart from being a great keylogger, mSpy offers some of the industry-standard features, like:

mSpy is capable of monitoring calling history, SMS messages, MMS, and online browsing history.


It can access the contact book, calendar events, saved notes, and media files.

mSpy can provide you with live screenshots of the iPhone screen whenever you want to know what’s going on.

mSpy has the ability to spy on several popular social media and instant messaging applications, such as Twitter, Wechat, Facebook, Line, WhatsApp, Skype, and many more.


Hoverwatch is a complete spy suit software with a decent keylogging option that can be installed by accessing the iPhone physically. And like the previous two apps, it also works in a jailbroken iOS device, so you don’t want to buy this tool unless you’re sure that you can jailbreak your child’s iPhone. To start using, you first have to buy the app from its official website and get an activation key. Upon installing, you put the activation key on the app, and let it run in the stealth mode while it’s collecting all the data, and sends it to you by email or save in your dashboard storage. It offers the standard features most spy tools should come equipped with –

It provides access to calling logs, emails, browsing details, and text messages.


Hoverwatch can track social media platforms like Facebook and messaging applications like Messenger; however, it does not cover as many platforms as the other spy apps.

It can monitor the applications, notes, and files stored on the phone.

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The website of iKeyMonitor claims it as the best spy app for Android & iPhone, but the lack of adequate features that tools like NEXSPYoffers as a standard does not back that claim sufficiently. Furthermore, the pricing for the full version is $29.16 for every month which puts it on par with the top monitoring apps in terms of pricing, but without enough features. But, that does not mean iKeyMonitor is a bad choice. In fact, it has great keylogging capability, and we found that it’s almost as accurate as of the premium keyloggers for iPhone. 


The most important feature of iKeyMonitor is it’s actually has a free version. Yes, you can use this application as long as you want without paying a cent, provided you’re happy with the most basic functions like tracking GPS locations, call history, SMS messages, calendars, notes, and contacts. To use the keylogging feature though, you have to buy the paid version as that’s not included in the free one.

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XNSPY is a reliable mobile spy app and the main advantage of using it is you don’t have to jailbreak your iPhone or iPad, and that makes it only spy app for iPhone without jailbreak in this review. It works in both cases, without any fuss, and accurately. You can remotely install XNSPY in a non-jailbroken iPhone, though for the jailbroken ones – you still need to do it manually. 

The online user account of XNSPY is very user-friendly, and ready for you whenever you log in with every bit of data nicely organized section-wise that was recorded from your targeted iPhone. 


XNSPY has a keylogger feature along with a vast list of social media platform coverage, such as WhatsApp, Skype, Instagram, Viber, and even Tiner. It tracks GPS data, text messages, email conversations, call history, notes, installed software, and many more. However, XNSPY doesn’t monitor Facebook activities which is a significant caveat considering the fact that most youngsters use that pretty extensively. 


If we go by their official website, the primary feature of WebWatcher is its stealth operation capability when installed on an iPhone. As per our testing, we found this to be true as it was totally hidden and there wasn’t any significant battery drain or network usage, which sometimes gives a spy app away. 

Although it needs a jailbroken iOS device to work flawlessly, that’s almost a given for most of its competitors, bar one or two – so we don’t consider that as a major minus. WebWatcher’s keylogging feature is one of its main selling points as we found it to be amazingly reliable and precise while testing. 


Some more prominent features of WebWatcher are live phone call listening and recording at the same time and ambiance recording, along with other basic features like call and message monitoring, social platform tracking, geo-fencing, and more.

Conclusion: iPhone Keyloggers

Despite being satisfied by and large with all 6 spy applications cum keyloggers, we would select NEXSPY as the winner. Why? It’s the only piece of spy tool that comes with all the primary features, and some excellent add-on features that no other monitoring tools offer in the same price range.

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