How to Install Spy Software on Cell Phone Remotely?

The mobile phone has grown much beyond its basic purpose of communication. Combined with the internet, it has become a big resource of information.

Apart from the various useful features it offers, it has also developed as one of the most important media for the storage & sharing of information.

Altogether, it has provided a lot of comfort to our lives. But the comfort provided by a cell phone comes with a package of its unique dangers.


The first threat is on the safety of the important or confidential information stored in it. And another danger is the unrestricted availability of information.

Some of which may not be appropriate for the viewing, particularly for kids. Therefore, it is very important to protect those most prone to such dangers. Because of their innocence, kids are the most vulnerable of all.

Secondly, the employees who have access to a lot of confidential information may become soft targets for cybercrimes.

What is the solution for remote phone spying?

How can I spy on a cell phone without installing software on the target phone? – yes, you read it right! Remote phone spying through another device is the solution. And it is possible as well.

Spying helps you get information about the activities of a particular device. This helps in taking quick action in case of a threat.


For example, monitoring cell phones of the employees may help an employer to take prompt actions in case of a cyber attack.

Monitoring your kid’s activity may alert you in case of an inappropriate viewing.

How to spy on someone’s phone?

Firstly, we would like to inform the readers that it is essential to have the mutual consent of the individual whose cell phone you are spying.

Also, it is essential for you to learn and abide by the laws pertaining to spying, prevailing in your area of jurisdiction while spying on someone else’s cell phone.

Now, let us understand how to install spy software on a cell-phone remotely.

Android phones require the physical access of the device to spy on. So, for phones with android, spy app remote installation is not possible.


For spy on iPhone, permission is required to download any app, therefore such devices need to be jail-broken to install the spy app or need iCloud credentials of the targeted device.

There are many spy apps for Android that claim for effective remote phone spying, but when it comes to delivering results they may not be as good as they claim. This makes it difficult for a user to choose a reliable and useful spy app for their purpose.

Through our research, we have shortlisted three spy apps to help you select the best suitable to spy on a cell phone without having it.


The first in the list is NEXSPY. It comes with its 50 most useful monitoring features for remote phone spying.


Calling & Messaging

NEXSPY monitors contacts list, call log details, details of SMS, MMS, iMessages and the emails. It also monitors and remotely records VoIP calls of many VoIP apps.

IM Chats

It records details of all the conversation and logs of calls, messages, chats, photos, multimedia, etc. for various social media apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, Tinder, Viber, and Google Hangouts, etc.

Internet Activity Monitoring

It monitors all connected networks to the device with the log of time & location of the connections, and details of browsed & bookmarked sites.

Location Tracking

It tracks the location of the target device and builds a detailed history of all visited locations. Besides, it notifies the entry and exit of the targeted device at a selected location through its GEOfencing feature.

NEXSPY dashboard 1

Media Files and Applications

You may monitor photos and audio & video files of the target device. Moreover, it is possible to access information on all installed apps, schedules and even the battery status of the target device.

Additional Features

It has the Keylogger feature which records each & every key pressed on the device. NEXSPY sends notification if any SIM card is changed and also in case any specific caller gets in touch with the device or a specific keyword is seen on the device.

It has the option of keeping the spy app hidden and also keeping rooting and jailbreaking for specific devices invisible.


NEXSPY is compatible with Android 4.0.3 – 9 requiring physical access of the device. Rooting Android device is required for some advanced features.

It is compatible with all versions up to iOS 12.4 requiring physical access of the device. The target iPhone must also be jailbroken.

How to use it?

To install, you need to get the NEXSPY Premium License for Android and iPhone.

Log in to the account after getting the login details via email.

Follow simple step-by-step instructions given on the website to install NEXSPY on the target device.


You may visit the pricing page of the official website and get the updated price list of different plans of NEXSPY. Select the best suitable for you.



XNSPY is one of the most popular remote spying apps which may spy on both Android and iPhone.


It includes almost all the standard features of a sms spy app like call or text monitoring including recording of calls. XNSPY also has a feature of the recording of surroundings.

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XNSPY also allows you to set alerts for specific contacts.

It allows monitoring chats from many social media platforms. Viewing images, videos, and calendar settings are also possible with XNSPY.

GPS location monitor, accessing information about installed apps, phone location, and live chat are also some of the features included in the basic package of XNSPY. Besides, it provides details of browsing history including the bookmarks and may also generate reports on browsing patterns.

The keyword alert feature ensures that all keystrokes pressed by the user get registered despite being deleted. Moreover, the records of such deletion and any attempt of changing any content may also be retrieved.

Another very useful feature of XNSPY is the SIM change notification feature.



XNSPY is compatible with:

  • Android phone versions 4.x up to 9.x. It requires physical access to the device.
  • Jailbroken iOS devices (iOS 6.x up to 9.0.2) requiring physical access of the device.
  • Version iOS 6 and above for no-jailbroken devices. This requires physical access to the device if the iCloud backup isn’t activated or if the 2FA is enabled on the device.

XNSPY may be installed for multiple devices. The Live Control Panel, available in the premium package, further helps in the multiple devices monitoring through very smooth switching between different devices.

XNSPY may be installed easily by following the instructions given on its website.

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You may visit the XNSPY website to get the latest price of their products.


If you are looking for a user-friendly, powerful and robust spy app, FlexiSPY is the solution for you. FlexiSPY has been present in the market since 2006.

Standard Features

FlexiSPY has all the standard features like monitoring contacts, incoming, outgoing or missed calls, VoIP calls on many VoIP apps, texts & IM messages.

It tracks messages on various social media platforms including WhatsApp, Instagram, Viber, Skype, Facebook Messenger, Tinder, Snapchat, etc.

FlexiSPY also tracks all email conversations of the target device.


It may track GPS location and create a history of locations visited. You may take these locations and routes on Google Maps. It also has the Geofencing feature.

FlexiSPY may spy on installed apps, camera, internet activity, and media files, etc.

It has the Keylogger feature that allows you to get the user credentials like login and passwords for all sites & apps.

Contact Alert notifies you as soon as the selected contact connects to the target device and the Keyword Alert feature sends alerts if any specific keywords are viewed on the target device.

The spy app may be kept hidden or visible.

Special Features

It may record, intercept text messages online. The call intercept feature allows you to listen to a call in real-time. The only requirement is to have the target phone capable of a 3-way call.

These features may also notify you about a specific caller so that you may listen at the time of calling itself.

The recording feature has options including recording all calls and recording for a select contact.

In the ambient recording feature, you may select a specific time and the time frame of the recording.

It may remotely capture photos and videos through the target device.



It supports both Android (OS 4.0.3 – 9) as well as iPhones (all versions up to 9.1; supports only the tethered mode for iOS 9.2 – 12.4)

It is important to note that the installation of FlexiSPY requires physical access to the target phone and its password if any.

All iPhones require jailbreaking. While Android phones require rooting to install some advanced features.

You may choose to install the app yourself or take the help of their technician by paying additionally for the services. The technician may help jailbreak or root the device as needed.


You may visit the compatibility page of the website and get the updated price list of different plans of FlexiSPY.


Going through this article, you must have realized that there are many reliable spy apps for remote phone spying. Be it protecting your child from cyberbullying or prevent your employee from falling prey to cybercrime, you have options to choose from.

Remember once again to ensure having a mutual consent of the individual you are spying on. And also, abide by the laws pertaining to spying prevailing in your area of jurisdiction.



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