How to Hack Someone’s WhatsApp Without Their Phone for Free?

WhatsApp has been one of the most popular messaging apps in the world and is used by millions of people every day. It is one of the most convenient ways to send and receive free text messages, video and audio files and talking for free.


However, just like with any other social apps, it can be used to threaten and harass other people. If you are a concerned parent or employer, then you might want to find ways on how to hack WhatsApp messages without access to phone.

Here are the 3 best and most effective ways you can try:

How to hack whatsapp without encryption code?

MAC spoofing is an effective way to hack whatsapp without encryption code. However, it can be difficult and very technical for some people. 

First of all the MAC does not mean Apple’s MAC. It is short for Media Access Control, an address, which is basically the number of character identifiers that are used by a network adapter. This includes 6 pairs of digits that are unique to every device.

First, you will need access to the target’s MAC address.

Completely uninstall your own WhatsApp account from your phone. This is only temporary and you can re-install the app later after the process.


Get access to your target’s phone for a few minutes.

Find the target phone’s MAC address. Here’s how you can easily find the address: 

  • iOS: Go to Settings > General > About > Wi-Fi Address. 
  • Android: Go to Settings > About phone > Status > Wi-Fi MAC address

Then locate your own MAC address.

Enter the target’s MAC address into your device. This is called spoofing and informs WhatsApp that you’re actually trying to login to your own account when in reality you are gaining access to the target’s phone.


Next, you will need to download and install a MAC spoofing app depending on the type of device that you’re using.

  • For iOS: Mac Daddy X or WifiSpoof
  • For Android: BusyBox or Terminal Emulator

Enter the “IP link show” in the terminal and search the option with your MAC address.

Re-install WhatsApp on your phone again.

You will then need to configure the app using your target’s phone number, giving you permission to access the messages and other contents of that account.

Once you enter the phone number, the target’s account will receive a confirmation code in order to verify that this new phone belongs to them. Confirm it with the target’s phone and delete the verification code so there’s no evidence.


Finally, you’ll need to reset your MAC address after gaining access to your target’s phone. Just follow the same process in the third step to change your MAC address and restoring your phone.

This method is a bit complicated and risky. If you are not techy enough and too nervous to get your target’s phone for a few minutes, then you can use the other methods below.

How to hack Someone’s whatsapp using Chrome

Another method on how to hack someone whatsapp using Chrome is through the WhatsApp Web. You probably know that WhatsApp can be accessed on a laptop and PC too.

This is possible due to the WhatsApp web service that makes it easier for you to stay updated with messages on any device that is connected to the internet.


With just a simple hack, you can exploit this WhatsApp Web in order to spy on a target’s messages as well as other multimedia content. Here’s how to do it:

  • You need to have access to the target phone and make sure that it is connected to the internet.
  • Open WhatsApp on the target’s phone and click on the menu at the top right corner.
  • Tap the WhatsApp Web button.
  • You will be presented with a camera including instructions to open the
  • We suggest that you use the Chrome browser. From the new tab, click on the menu and click on the desktop site. You’ll see a QR code.
  • Scan the QR code from the target phone and an account will be signed in automatically.

Note: For you to check current messages, the target’s phone needs to be connected to the Internet for synchronization. The latest version of iOS 10 and Android 7.1.2 OS activate a constant notification on the phone whenever the WhatsApp web is activated which might show the target that they are being spied on.


How to hack someone whatsapp using WhatsApp spy app

The above methods require good hacking and technical skills in order to spy on WhatsApp messages. However, if you want a method on how to hack WhatsApp without QR code or something easier and more convenient method, then you need to install a monitoring tool like NEXSPY.

NEXSPY is a reliable app for both computer and mobile devices. By using this app, you can record, track, monitor everything on the target’s WhatsApp account as well as other activities, be it an iPhone, iPad or Android device.

Why use NEXSPY?

It is one of the most modern WhatsApp spy apps available for both iOS and Android devices.

  • iOS: all versions up to 12.4
  • Android: all versions from 4.0.3 to 9

It is extremely easy to install and has a user-friendly interface.

The app itself is completely invisible on the target phone.


It has membership accessibility at affordable pricing compared to other iOs or Android spy apps available.

The app can access WhatsApp and have many more features including:

Access IM chat apps

You can spy calls, messages, media files and more that are sent and received on Facebook, Messenger, Skype, Viber, and other IM Platforms.

Monitor text messages

The app is capable of monitoring, recording, and tracking every text messages sent and received on the targets phone. Details can include the phone number, sender’s name, and the time and date of sending and receiving the messages.


Track calls

You also get to monitor all call logs from the target’s phone. You are able to know the exact time and date when calls were made. In addition, you can even record phone calls and monitor VoIP calls from apps such as Viber, WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype, and Instagram.

View multimedia files

The app also features a Stealth Camera that allows you to take control of the target phone’s camera and take pictures directly sent to you. In addition, you can also monitor every video, images and voice recording saved on the target phone’s memory.

Monitor internet activity

With NEXSPY, you can also keep track of the social media and internet activity of the target phone. You can get regular reports and check out everything they ever visited or even liked on Facebook.


Track GPS location

Probably one of the best features of this app, the GPS locator comes in handy if you are a worried parent. It does not matter whether the target phone is online or not, this GPS locator will always provide the exact location of the phone.

You can even track the target’s every step with detailed location history log and the Geo-Fencing feature allows you to monitor certain locations that you set and get notified if the target leaves or entersthose locations.

Data capturing

With a reliable keylogger, this app allows you to record everything that is being typed on the target phone on any application, discretely.


Monitor WhatsApp via NEXSPY

So, how to read someone’s WhatsApp messages without their phone using the NEXSPY app?

Get a NEXSPY license

Before you start using the WhatsApp hacking app, you will need to purchase a Premium license from the NEXSPY official website. You can choose your preferred pricing:

Android and iPhone pricing: monthly plan at $39 billed every month, quarterly plan at $87 billed every 3 months, or yearly plan at $228 billed every year.

Pad pricing: monthly plan at $44 billed every month, quarterly plan at $96 billed every 3 months, or yearly plan at $252 billed every year.

After making your purchase, you’ll receive a login credential through email. So, make sure that you use your real email address.

From there, go to using any browser and log in to your personal NEXSPY account.


Install NEXSPY on the target phone

In this step, you will need to have access to the target device that you wish to spy on. In addition, make sure that it runs a compatible OS version.

You will need to “Enable Unknown Sources” first in order to install the app. Go to Settings > Lock Screen and Security > Enable Unknown Sources.

Download the app and install it on the target device. When asked, enter the license code in order to activate the app.

Start monitoring

Once the app is installed, you can start monitoring the WhatsApp data immediately, along with other data such as text messages, call logs, location, websites and media files. Just log-in to the account portal using any web browser of your choice.

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