10 Ways to Hack Someone’s Phone Without Touching It 2021

In today’s article, we are going to look at how to hack into someone’s phone. If you always wanted to hack someone like your kids or your office mate, well, you have come to the right place – because today we’re going to be showing you how you can hack someone’s phone for free.

We have checked many spy tools out there, but this is the one we have selected because it is the only one which is offering a three days trial period. Also, it not only supports a wide range of devices but also gives you a lot of amazing features.


Most importantly, they don’t limit you from using any of the functions during the 3 days trial, you are allowed to use the full-fledged version in these 3 days.

So, that means you can hack into a phone for three days for free, and if you are really serious about spying on someone, then you can also consider buying their paid plans on a monthly basis or yearly.

How to hack an Android phone?

The first thing you want to do is you need to open up this website NEXSPY.COM, and on the home page, you will find a button which says free trial. You need to click on that button, and this will open up a new page, and here you will see a button that says “sign up three-day trial” – click on the button and this will open up the signup page.

Here you need to enter your username, password, email address, and then click on the Signup button. Once you sign up, you will receive an email by NEXSPY, and this will have your license key and login information.


The email should come with a login URL which you need to open and then enter the login details that you used to sign up for this website. Now, click on “log in” to log into your control panel – here, you will find three versions.

The first is Android, the second is iPhone no-jailbreak, and third is the jailbroken iPhone. Now, you need to scroll down and go to the download section and then click on Android if you want to install the app on the Android.

We will first talk about the Android device here, so click on the Android, then click on the download button, and this will allow you to download the NEXSPY

Android app from there. Download and install this on the victim’s phone.

How to hack the iPhone?

And the second option is for the iPhone, there you need to have the iCloud ID and password of the target device. The two-factor authentication must be disabled for the iCloud ID, and the iCloud backup on the device is enabled.


So, you need to make sure that you have all these requirements met and read all the limitations of the non-jailbreak iPhone, and you can also compare the features of a jailbroken iPhone and non-jailbreak iPhone and their limitations.

Now, click on “acknowledge and continue,” and here you need to enter the iCloud ID and iCloud password in order to track their phone.

And the third option is for jailbroken iPhone. Now, here if you scroll down, you will see all the steps that you need to take in order to install this NEXSPY app on a jailbroken iPhone, so you can open this page on the victim’s iPhone when you’re trying to download this app on it.

There’s also one more option that you can use to install the NEXSPY app on your victim’s phone, and it uses some script that you will need to run on the victim’s phone so that it can install the iKeyMonitor app and this will not be visible on the Cydia app.

So, suppose if you’re going to install this app through the Cydia app, then it will be visible in the Cydia app list. That means if the victim is really good with iPhone and jailbreaking stuff, then he or she can easily see that app in the Cydia app list. So if you want to hide this app from that Cydia app list, then you should use the custom script to install the NEXSPY app.


Here part 1 of this guide ends, to know more, please continue to the second part by clicking here. However, if you want a more versatile monitoring app with more premium features, but priced less than NEXSPY, then you can check out list hacking app below.

Top 6 Apps For Hacking A Phone Remotely

Most people assumed that hacking someone’s phone without touching it is a very difficult task. In point of fact, you don’t need to become the smartest person to hack a cell phone, because all you need is the best hacking app.

There are lots of hacking apps that will allow you to hack a person’s phone. However, it is worth mentioning that such apps are not created equal, some will offer you better results, while others may put you in danger.

This is why it is very important that you check and review all the information and features of the app that you are considering. To help you, listed below are the 6 top apps that you can use to hack a phone remotely or without touching it.


NEXSPY app offers almost everything you need to hack someone’s phone successfully without having it. With this app, you will be able to track both outgoing and incoming tools from the phone you hack. In fact, you can also check missed calls.


But aside from that, NEXSPY will also allow you to open outbox and inbox, as well as read all messages including instant messages. With its advanced GPS technology, you can also track the current location of the hacked phone, this feature is actually beneficial especially if you’re concerned about the whereabouts of your kids.

What’s more, you can view the hacked phone’s gallery even though the videos and photos are deleted. Last but not least, NEXSPY is compatible with iOS versions up to 11.4.1 and Android versions from 4.0.3 up to the current Android 9.


This app will let you add yourself into the ongoing phone calls of your target, you can actually, think of it conference calls. Aside from calls, with FlexiSPY you will be able to identify all the passwords of your target individual.


As a matter of fact, this app will automatically generate such details and take note it is not as dangerous as the widely used keylogging. Similar to other apps, FlexiSPY comes with advanced features as well. But unlike NEXSPY, this app is quite expensive.


This list of best apps for hacking someone’s phone won’t be completed without mentioning Hoverwatch. This reasonable mobile phone apps has only become a point of reference among cell phone hackers recently.


Though it is pretty reasonable, it comes with necessary features that can help you in hacking. But sad to say, Hoverwatch is only compatible with Android devices. Thus, if you want to learn how to hack an iPhone, obviously, this app is not for you.

Nevertheless, this hacking app is very easy to use as well. One more thing, it comes with a three-day trial, meaning to say can explore and test it before you make a purchase. And if you’re not satisfied with the app since it is not as impressive as advertised you have a 30-day money-back guarantee.


If you are looking for a hacking app that you can use to hack an Android phone, then iKeyMonitor can be a great option as well. This app allows you to hack text messages, GPS locations, calls, as well as other functions.


Moreover, you can make use of iKeyMonitor as a parental lock and in setting up limitations so that your children will only utilize their cellphone during a particular time. When it comes to compatibility, this app supports Android 2.3 and higher.

Highster Mobile

Though it is known as a quite basic hacking tool for Android, the Highster Mobile is still a nice option since it will work perfectly without rooting the phone you are targeting.


This app, on the other hand, features GPS tracking, call logging, and much more. One more thing, you can have it for a lifetime. Meaning to say, you don’t need to keep paying subscriptions fees routinely.


Another great hacking app for Android devices that allows you to access the browser history, camera roll, call logs, and gallery of the target person. In addition to that, you will be able to hack somone’s WhatsApp without rooting the device.



There are many different ways that you can do if you want to hack someone’s phone without touching it. Using a hacking app is perhaps inclusive, yet the most affordable technique that will help you on how to hack someone’s phone remotely.

Nevertheless, all the apps we mentioned above are worth considering. But if you want to make the most out of your money, then consider using the NEXSPY app. In fact, this app that is loaded with advanced and impressive features is available in a reasonable price tag.

What’s more, installing it is pretty easy. If it’s your first time to use, rest assured that you will not have a hard time. Hopefully, this content you’ve learned a lot from this post.


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