How to Hack Someone’s Phone Pictures Remotely?

We need to accept the fact that the world is changing very rapidly and with the advancement, the dangers are increasing progressively as well. However, if you have children and worried about their safety then this content is for you.

As a parent, for sure you want to give your children space but in that, there are times that you forget that you need to keep an eye on them. Children nowadays share a lot of pictures with everybody every day. What’s more, they’re receiving photos even from the persons they didn’t know.


But here’s the question, are all of these pictures safe for your children? What if they’re looking into wrong content? If that’s the case you should do something about it.

However, if you’re having a hard time looking for answers, don’t worry because we are here to help you. Keep on reading to get all the best possible solutions that can help you in keeping your children safe at all times.

Use NEXSPY for hacking a phone’s pictures

NEXSPY is one of the best hacking apps that can be used in both iPhones and Android devices. With this app, you will be able to see media files like pictures which are kept in the phone of your kids. In fact, even the apps installed as well.

If you’re wondering how to hack a cell phone remotely, simply follow the given steps below.


Install NEXSPY on your kid’s phone

When it comes to the installation, you need to get the target phone and enable the Unknown Sources. To do this, go to Setting and then look for the “Lock Screen & security.”

After enabling the setting, you need to download the app using the target phone. Once you have successfully downloaded the application you need to install it and type the code that you will receive on the email address you’ve provided to activate NEXSPY. 

After that, clear the browser as well as download history so that your kids will not find out that you install an app on their phone without them knowing.

View photos from your account

After installing the app, you can now monitor and access photos and other data from your premium account in NEXSPY that you can access at

If you’re wondering how to avail a premium account, all you need to do is visit NEXSPY’s pricing page and pick the plan that you want. After choosing, get the plan using a real email address.


The reason why we are encouraging you to use such an email address is that your login credentials will be sent here. Because without these credentials you will not be able to access your control panel and kid’s phone pictures.

Nevertheless, when you obtain the credentials, log in to using any web browser. From here, you’ll now have the chance to see the photos of your children in their phone remotely.

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Use mSpy for hacking a phone’s pictures

If you’re looking for an app that can help you in hacking a phone, mSpy can be a great option as well. The good thing about it is that it’s very easy to use, as a matter of fact, you can still utilize it even though you only have a bit of knowledge regarding technology.


To use this app, follow all the instructions below.

  1. Download mSpy app and then install it from the download section.
  2. Create an ID, but if you’ve used this app before, then you are allowed to use your ID before.
  3. Repeat the first and second steps in the phone of the person whose photos you want to view. Make sure to use the same ID that you utilized for signing in your own device. After which, hide the app on the phone of your target.
  4. Open your device and start viewing the photos on your phone.

Hack photos via spoofing

Spoofing is just trapping the targeted individual that you’re another person. As a matter of fact, it is one of the best methods for hacking pictures remotely.

However, on the internet, hackers will look for various apps that are mainly made for spoofing on targeted people. With the aid of such tools, spoofing on someone will not be difficult.

Rather than stealing the pictures, you can use a reliable spoofing tool to trick the person’s device for obtaining the files.


There you have it the three ways on how to hack someone’s phone to obtain access on their pictures. These ways, on the other hand, are popularly used these days and they are very easy to implement.

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So if you want to save your child viewing and downloading wrong content, consider any of these ways. But in our opinion, you should opt for NEXSPY as this app is tried and tested.


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