How to Hack Someone’s Instagram Without Them Knowing?

Over the years, Instagram has garnered quite the popularity. Especially among teenagers and young adults. That being said, as concerned persons about someone’s online safety, you may be required to hack an Instagram account.


Instagram is a platform for posting pictures and videos. You can hack someone’s account to either keep a watch or to delete inappropriate images and videos concerning you.

But how to hack an Instagram account? Though it is off-limits, when the need arises, you need to take that leap.

Why Do People Want to Hack Someone’s Instagram?

Today, Instagram has superseded the norms of not being limited to a site where people share pictures and videos. That being said, the Direct Messages (DM) of the newly evolved Instagram enables chatting.

As these Direct Messages are entirely hidden, accessing them is a challenge. DM also encourages dishonest people to maintain relationships with hundreds of unsuspecting profiles.

When innocent teenagers fall for this trap, it is up to their parents to ensure their safety. When cheating spouse resort to DM for maintaining affairs online, you need to be in the clear concerning the faithfulness of your spouse. Thus, it becomes imperative to hack Instagram and especially Instagram DM.


If you find your children spending a lot of time on Instagram instead of utilizing it for productivity like completing their homework. Or, when you worry, they are misusing their freedom and browsing the forbidden websites, installing a spy app on their phones is the key. Instagram though, has many advantages, could be quiet distracting. If you feel your children spend too much of their time on the website, you can intervene as a responsible parent.

How to Hack Someone’s Instagram?

When your privacy is compromised when someone posts your pictures without your consent, then you can take the necessary action. You can delete your images by hacking into their accounts. Thus, by hacking someone’s Instagram account, you can prevent something unpleasant happening to you or your loved ones.

The entire scenario gets even scarier and shady when pedophiles post false profiles to attract teenagers. Those mentioned above are just a few of the many genuine reasons as to why you need to hack someone’s Instagram account.


So, how to hack Instagram Direct Messages? This is undoubtedly a tricky aspect which may sound complicated but not impossible.

The best possible means of hacking a person’s Instagram and other social media account is via spy apps like NEXSPY.

These apps are specially crafted to access the target phone without the knowledge of the device owner. It means that you can access their phone and they will never get to know about it.

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Important features of the best spy app

You can keep track of their messages and call logs without having direct physical access to the phone. You will be notified every time the person performs any action on their phone. Right from texts to your target accessing their social media account, the information reflects on your online dashboard.

Moreover, employing spy apps for various reasons is entirely legal in many countries. Employers regularly use it to monitor their employees’ activities. You need to resort to such apps to safeguard the safety and confidentiality of your business.


The fact is, many employees are open to their employers using these tools as it is one of the requisites for getting hired.

But, how do you do it without your target suspecting it? Also, for the app to function correctly, it must be installed on the target’s phone or computer.

The solution to this problem is quite easy. Because you may need your target’s device for a matter of a few minutes for downloading and installing the app.

And, upon successful installation, you can delete the app icon and shortcut from their phone. Every time you monitor their phone, you stay undetected while the target never realizes it. Thus, you remain undetected while monitoring their activity.

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How to hack Instagram Direct Messages on iPhone?

What if your target uses an iPhone? Or are you wondering how to hack an Instagram account on iPhone, NEXSPY is your solution. As a potent spy app, NEXSPY is compatible with most of Androids, iOS, and PCs.

Keylogger is the vital feature of the app that enables you to monitor the cell phone of your target. That is, you can view someone’s private instagram photos & messages on their phone.

Right from texts to browsing, you can see them all. This feature also extends to hacking into their social media accounts like Instagram messages, Facebook, and Tinder, to name a few.

Just like any other social media site, Instagram follows strict safety protocols ensuring their user’s privacy and confidentiality. But using NEXSPY that holds a positive reputation as the best spy app solves this issue.


This is because NEXSPY presents a plethora of features and opportunities. The first is its keylogger that captures every stroke of the key on your target’s phone.

It also functions as a location tracker relying on the phone’s very own GPS. The app further aids you in keeping track of the target’s chat apps like WhatsApp, Messenger, Telegram, etc.

Without the knowledge of the person you are tracking, you will receive regular updates and notifications right on your online dashboard. This also includes discrete and secretive Instagram Direct Messages. You can not only hack Instagram but also discover their passwords to login to their social media and mail accounts.

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Employers too can make use of this app to filter out employees who are selling confidential information to your competitors. As the app is compatible with many devices, you can easily install it on all your office computers.

Apart from these elementary features, you can also use it to intercept text messages and calls; for recording live phone calls. Thus, the scope of this app far exceeds hacking Instagram and other social media apps and websites.

Although there are many other apps similar to NEXSPY, it differs from the rest by a wide array. The first aspect is the fact that it is compatible with many devices, while others have their limits. The added features like capturing screenshots, recording calls are yet another salient feature making it the most powerful Android spy app.



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