How to Hack Someone’s Facebook Messenger for Free?

Facebook is the most popular social media platform. The Facebook and Facebook Messenger apps are very user-friendly and people are engaged so much to these apps. Users can chat using Facebook Messenger anytime with their friends added to their account.

The world is so smart that there are many ways to hack these applications and monitor your activity. But what is the need to do so? Well, it can be done to monitor your kids and to know what they do on social media platforms.


Many companies use Facebook and other social media platforms for their work. It can also be used to keep an eye on the employees working in an organization. But spying on others with none of the above reasons is not accepted.

Hacking Facebook Messenger online has various risk factors and is done using premium tools. But there are a few easy methods too. What if one of the Facebook features allow you to do the same? Below are the steps to hack someone’s Facebook Messenger without using any premium tool.

How to hack Facebook Messages without Password

Steps 1

Open the Facebook website and try logging in to the target account. Enter the correct email and any password. Facebook will show the wrong password and an option “forgot your password” below.

Step 2

You can select the option of forgot password and reset now, which gives you various options to consider and change.

If you have access to any of the options like email or phone number, then you can directly do it by entering the OTP or link mailed to the email to reset the password.

And if you don’t have any access to it you can simply select the option “ no longer have access to these”. This will open a different window asking you for the email address you are using.


Step 3

This is the most turning point of the whole process. Now you need the assistance of the mutual friends mentioned.

If you have friends who can help with this then it’s easy to proceed further. Your friends will receive an email with some codes which you need to enter in the respective field provided.

This method is the most trustworthy and easy method to hack someone’s Facebook. It has only one limitation that you cannot access if you don’t have access to trusted friends.

It becomes easy to spy when you have a proper platform provided of this. Many apps claim to give you full access to the target phone. After researching a lot, the following are details about a few popular Facebook spy apps that can be used for spying on Facebook Messenger and many more things.

How to Hack Facebook Messenger chats?


NEXSPY is one of the best applications to keep an eye on or monitor any activity. It can be best used in smartphones, tablets, and computers.

It allows parental control on text messages, calls, GPS location, web history, media, WhatsApp, Facebook, and many other things. NEXSPY can also be used to monitor employees.

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It comes with the most affordable price and provides many more features as it gives you access to monitored data anywhere, 100% invisible, secure and anonymous. You can change the target device anytime from anywhere.



  • NEXSPY can monitor call logs of any mobile phone. It monitors call logs of many popular VoIP applications. It also records the VoIP calls made using popular VoIP applications.
  • You can access the contact information from the target phone.
  • NEXSPY comes with a FaceTime Spy Cam feature which enables the user to hear and see the iPad’s surroundings.
  • You can discretely view all the MMS messages sent and received. You can read someone’s facebook messages without them knowing.
  • NEXSPY monitors WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and many other social media chats which you can view later. It gives you access to all Skype conversations and multimedia files.
  • You can also access the GPS location of the target phone and keeps track of it.
  • NEXSPY is compatible with all iPhones and smartphones running Android 4.0.3-9 and other advanced Android versions.


Hoverwatch is a Android spy app that comes with many interesting and large range of features. It is compatible with Android phones, Windows and Mac OS X. You can access this app by 3 simple steps.

First, sign up to the app using your email address and password for a free online account. Second, install the mobile tracker from your online account. You can now start watching the monitored data like messages, calls using phone tracker in your online account.

It is one of the best parental control apps and can also be used to monitor employees. So you can check them both at the same time.

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It also comes with premium paid features. The charges are minimal and come in the category of personal, professional and business use. Hoverwatch is easy to install and operate. All in one, Hoverwatch is one of the best and safe spying app.



  • Hoverwatch remains completely invisible on the phone and remains undetectable by the user even if they know about tracker systems.
  • Hoverwatch gives accurate information to the parental control app.
  • The SMS tracker allows recording every single SMS. Hoverwatch also records the outgoing and incoming calls.
  • Hoverwatch can also track social media apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber, etc. It tracks and saves every single media file that was exchanged during the conversations.
  • The GPS tracker feature tells you the precise location. It uses Wi-Fi signals, cell towers, and GPS to track the monitored device.
  • Hoverwatch has a feature called Front Camera photo which clicks a picture with the help of the front camera whenever the phone is unlocked.
  • Hoverwatch alerts the user whenever the user changes the SIM card.
  • One of the attractive features is it also tracks the notes where user generally writes their To-Do list.
  • Hoverwatch keeps the track of the contact added or deleted from your phone. All this can be viewed in your user panel.


mSpy is a spy app for iPhone, Android, Windows, and Mac. The only problem the user can face is rooting is required for the full functioning of this application. It also requires jailbreaks to work on most of the activities.

mSpy comes with a Basic and Advanced version. With the Advanced version, the support team helps you jailbreak the target device for a cost. It is a paid app and price ranges from $8/ month to $16/month.

mSpy collects the data from the phone and sends it to your online dashboard which you can view anytime. It uses the internet to send the data to your online dashboard which means the target phone should always be connected to the internet.

This application never crashes in between, it is consistent in the operations. The app is handled very efficiently and is also no easily detectable due to its invisibility feature. The app is completely hidden in the phone or PC.



  • mSpy can monitor the received and outgoing text messages.
  • mSpy monitor the GPS of the phone and let you know the exact location of the target phone anytime you are willing to know.
  • You can spy on Facebook messages, WhatsApp, Instagram, and many others.
  • mSpy also tells about the websites visited by the user. It is helpful for parental control as they can see what their kid is watching and can have control over it. It gives you access to view what they watch, what kind of websites they visit. It also allows you to block websites you want to.

The above-mentioned application and their features are useful to know when and where the target phone is used.

Advanced methods using traditional hack tools

This method can only work on a computer and not with phones. This needs advanced tools and requires access to computers.

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As most of us store our social media passwords on our computers so that we don’t have to enter them again and again. This information is always stored somewhere in the system which depends on the type of operating system you are using. You can research where this information is stored and decode it using premium tools.

Talking about the other methods, it also includes using hacking websites. There are different hacking websites available who claim to break the encryption Facebook uses to protect the information and thus allowing you to get into the target account.

But it works sometimes only and in my opinion, this is not possible because it will gradually have media attention and a lot of personal data of users will be leaked. This will ultimately hit Facebook to work on the areas they are sensitive to.

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