Free SMS Tracker Without Installing On Target Phone

These days, it is so simple to spy on iPhone without having the phone as there are lots of applications available, which works so well on your smartphones. These applications are designed and programmed by experts who are experts and skilled. They know what are the needs people, that’s why they design applications, which cater to these needs.

Basically, the iPhone or Android spy app is a software or program that may track a certain target device. When you install this kind of app on the target phone, you might be able to manage their information perfectly.


If you go online and search for spy or tracker software, you will find a lot of it in a similar manner. However, they might vary in features and accuracy to offer the details. More often than not, if you search for these apps in the Play Store or App Store, you will find some but aren’t suitable for you to use.

If you specifically want to spy on text messages or SMS, for example, you will need hidden SMS tracker or SMS spy apps – like NEXSPY. In this guide, we will tell you what is the best SMS tracker that you can use without even installing on the target phone.

Why people prefer SMS?

There are some reasons why people nowadays prefer text messages as the best mode of chatting. These include the following:

  • When you use SMS, your conversation is private. After all, if you choose to call someone, others may listen to what you’re talking about.
  • Chatting through SMS is much more convenient since you can save the chats that seem significant or memorable to you.
  • Chatting through SMS is convenient since you can talk for a much longer period. It will cost less, compared to making calls, and it gives lesser stress to the hands.
  • People may delete chats that are secret.

What is NEXSPY?

Before we begin with this part, just a clarification, there is no way for you to track, spy, or monitor anyone’s phone without you installing any spy application on their phone. One way or another, you will need to install it. Okay, back to the topic!

In today’s day and time, teens, and people, in general, are extremely addicted to their smartphone and this particular behavior makes their parents (or employers) want to know what they are hiding. This is now where spy software like NEXSPY comes. But what really is NEXSPY?

NEXSPY is basically a distinctive monitoring application that is intended for the purpose of monitoring or reading text messages from another phone without them knowing. Messages, as we know, are the major source of communication on a phone and a lot of people use messaging applications as their main requirement to share their feelings, thoughts, and ideas.


NEXSPY is beneficial for parents or employers in monitoring what their children or employees are doing on their smartphones. Furthermore, NEXSPY lets you break in some other’s phone, as well as see all of the text messages or intercept text messages without letting the target know about it.

It also features SMS tracker for Android or iOS. This monitoring or spying app will let you know what’s going on behind you and all of your doubts and confusion will clear up.

Spying on SMS or text messages isn’t the only amazing thing NEXSPY can do. In fact, you can also save or block contacts and do a lot more things. It will let you know all of the activities on that particular phone so that nothing will remain hidden from you.

How to spy SMS without installing on target phone using NEXSPY?

Get a license and login

You will need to purchase a Premium license from NEXSPY. Whether you have an Android or iOS phone, you can install this app. It comes at different billing price, depending on your platform.


If you want to try it free, NEXSPY actually offers a 3-day free trial. Here, you can access all the amazing features of NEXSPY! Through email, you will receive your login information.

Install the app on the target phone

After receiving your login details, go to portal NEXSPY and use your credentials to log in.

You only need about 5 minutes to install and configure the app on the target phone. After installing it on the device, delete all browser and download history.

Monitor through the control panel

After installing, you may now start viewing the data of the target phone. You can now have access to all of their messages.

The SMS tracker feature of NEXSPY will let you collect SMS or text messages and you will see it on your control panel, which you can access anytime. The messages gathered will also show details like the date and time, sender’s name, etc.

NEXSPY dashboard 1

This is how you can use NEXSPY in spying on a target’s SMS. You might also spy on various activities on the target phone, like call history, videos, app usage, photos, internet activities, and more.

You only need a fast internet connection to operate your control panel. Using NEXSPY, you can get the best spying results as you experience a lot of benefits.

Benefits of using NEXSPY

Here are some of the perks of using NEXSPY in spying a target phone:

Guaranteed satisfaction: NEXSPY offers pleasing services to all of its customers. This is actually the biggest benefit that other spy applications fail to achieve and it’s why most people choose this application over some other spying apps.

Numerous workable features: NEXSPYoffer a wide array of spying options and features. Therefore, you may keep track of various kinds of activities on the target phone. All of the features work so smoothly and well.


Accurate data: When used in spying, you can get the most accurate details on the target phone. There’s no inaccuracy or slow data processing.

Safer spying experience: Dissimilar to some other spying apps, NEXSPY offers a much safer option. It is entirely free from viruses and is tested, thus no risk!

Final say

You can now spy on a cell phone without having it – of course, with the help of NEXSPY. After installing it on the target phone, you‘ll get all the detailed information you need from the device.

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What’s even better is that it comes with a free trial promo. So what are you waiting for, purchase now and see what it can do for you! Reminder: Spying anyone without his or her permission is illegal. NEXSPY doesn’t support this kind of activity and firmly suggests legal tracking for parents and employers.



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