How To Bypass Parental Controls on WiFi?

Modernity has made young children smarter and resourceful, especially with the use of the internet and various digitalized gadgets. As such, parents should not entirely depend on the best parental control software as children can find a way to navigate websites out of the parental control barrier. In case you are still not convinced, then continue reading this article to find out how your children use various methods to bypass parental control.

7 Ways your children can get around parental control software

Proxy Sites

Children use proxy sites as a way of bypassing parental control. Proxy sites allow your children to access blocked websites without alarming the web filter. As such, your children will use sites such as hide me instead of visiting the blocked websites directly. This activity will allow your children to surf the restricted site without any difficulty.


As parents, you should know that the parental control web filter will not be able to trace the activities between the proxy site and the external server. However, the proxy site will appear on the filter list.

There are many proxy site services which any young children can make use of it. It merely takes a few clicks on the part of the children to start using a proxy site, thereby allowing your children to bypass parental control software. Besides, using proxy sites that are not legitimate can result in the risk of your device vulnerability.

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Changing or Brute-Forcing Passwords

This method applies more to older children. Changing or brute-forcing password is a typical method used by your children to stay out of the parental control barrier. There is always a possibility that parents, or if not all, tend to use a particular password for specific accounts to help remember quickly. As such, your children can easily alter the settings with their own choice.


In case your children are quite older, they can easily change your password. And even if they are familiar with the password, you will notice that they are always finding ways to extract the password from you by putting great excuses.

Sometimes, your children can use another method called brute-force to help them alter the password. Brute-Force is a process of trial and error in which a person uses a large number of successive guesses. As such, they can use this method to change the account password.

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Different Wi-Fi

Your children are most probably going to use this method if the parental control filter blocked internet access but allowed the computer usage. Are you a parent who is friendly with your neighbors? If the answer is yes, then you might know their names, birth dates, or have their contact numbers to use during emergencies. As such, your children can make use of this information to get access to your neighbors’ Wi-Fi. Besides, the proximity between families plays a crucial role in this context. In other words, your children will be able to view the nearby SSID merely from their comfort zone. Hence, accessing the network from other sources will allow your children to surf web content as they like.

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Another method that allows your children to bypass parental control software is by using VPNs, which is an acronym of Virtual Private Networks. VPN allows anyone to create a secure and encrypted connection. Like proxy sites, there are infinite numbers of free VPN services that can help your children to surf the internet. As parents, you should note that it is difficult to mark your children using a VPN service.

If your children are using a virtual private network, it will be challenging to detect the web activities by the parental filters. Besides, parental control filter will not be able to identify your children IP address, thereby allowing your children to bypass parental control software.

Portable Browsers

Apart from Internet Explorer, there are many other browsers with more useful and secure features. Besides, such browsers provide complete control over the web content history, which you can delete anytime.


As parents, you should be alert in dealing with older kids for they can use browser features such as InPrivate or Incognito modes. Such features do not allow the web contents to appear on the history list. Besides, parents should be alert of the TOR Browser, which you can install quickly and deploy from a Universal Serial Bus. The TOR Browser allows users to navigate a website from different locations, which makes it difficult to determine the web content of the one viewing it. Further, the features of TOR Browser are an excellent method for bypassing any filters.

Accidental Image Viewing

Browsers features like InPrivate and Incognito follow the norms of various safe search filters. Nevertheless, your children can use these features in search engines like a Google to select multiple images, thereby effectively bypassing the filter of secure search.

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Google Translate Proxy

This method is quite slow, but it still helps determined children to bypass the parental control software. Children will make use of Google translate proxy for a blocked URL. They will merely type a URL that they wished to access and wait for Google to change it automatically. In the process, the translated URL will transform into a link.


What can you do?

We are living in an age in which a person can easily access any information without any barriers. As such, it has become difficult to monitor children, especially with determined children entirely. In simple words, a child will do anything even with tight parental control. But these words speak louder for older children than younger ones.

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In this age of digital advancement, the use of the internet has become crucial for humankind. The system of education is such that it requires the children to know about the internet. As such, parents cannot fully control their children with the use of the internet. Instead, parents should respect and accept the current norms with the use of the internet. Besides, they should communicate with their children about various life aspects after attaining a certain age. Further, parents can also introduce specific family rules with the use of the internet and different gadgets.


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