Best Phone Tracker Apps Without Permission in 2021

In recent times there is an urgent need to keep track of your loved ones because of the persistent amount of crime that is prevalent and the level of insecurity has also increased to a considerable level which makes it an imperative to keep a record of our loved ones.

But there are times when you need to keep track of your child but you don’t want them to know about it as they might feel bad about this whole thing. This might feel like they are being disbelieved whereas your sole intention is to protect them from any harm and danger.


But the question remains, how to track a cell phone location without them knowing? Companies like Uber has also come up with new features like tracking the current location and Google also came up with its feature of sharing the live location.

Coming to the question of how to track someone else’s iPhone without them knowing. Well if you are looking for this kind of a magic application that will totally serve your purpose without upsetting your loved ones then the one and only solution is NEXSPY.

NEXSPY is the one true solution for your problems of how to keep a track of the whereabouts of your family members. NEXSPY is the app to track phone without them knowing.

2 Best Phone Tracker Apps Without Permission

Well, the answer to this question would be a big NO! No good thing comes for free and this software also has a certain price to pay. There are some apps that you can find in Google Play Store or Apple Store but there is a doubt how discreet it would be.


Therefore the best way to keep a record of your partners is to use NEXSPY monitoring app.


NEXSPY is an application that is effective for the purpose of monitoring made for the use of computers and tablets. This is definitely a reliable application especially for parents who want to know the location of their kids, or for the people who work late at night, who travel a lot and others.

This application is very easy to handle and it contains a lot of features and it is built by very trustworthy developers who make this software deliver what it claims.


Now you will ask about what are the options that it provides. It contains features like tracking calls, both that are coming and going from your targeted phone. With the help of technology, you don’t have to stay disconnected even when you are physically apart.

NEXSPY helps you to learn the exact date and time of the calls that have been made from your targeted phone and though illegal, you can eavesdrop into the live conversations if you want.

NEXSPY is not limited to just calls or tracking the call log, it also keeps the track of the messages that have been sent and that too with the name and number of the sender and the time as well. To be precise it is like holding up a copy of the targeted phone in your hand and the phone owner will not even know of it.

NEXSPY dashboard

With this application, you are able to have access to the phone’s camera along with the multimedia messages which therefore means that you can monitor every single click that the phone is taking.

The most important feature that is required when it comes to tracking one’s device is to know where are they located. NEXSPY brilliantly tracks and shows the exact location of the person. Nowadays phones are like staples and through them, we can know where the person is located.

If you are one who is having a child and feel the need to keep an eye on what your child is browsing on the web, then this application is a perfect fit for your purpose. It is able to cover all activities including social media usage as well as browsing history.

It can help you analyze their usage pattern which might help parents to get to know about child’s interest which can be used constructively through guidance. It would also help parents/ guardians to prevent children from misuse.

Cyber attacks and cybercrimes are widely being targeted at minors; NEXSPY will help prevent such misuse by enabling parents with proper information and heads up.


NEXSPY has 3 payment options available. The prices of monthly, quarterly and yearly are $39, $29, and $19 respectively. You can choose any of the following plans to enjoy its benefits.


​How to start

All you need to start is a NEXSPY Premium membership, which gives you access to the targeted phone and you need ten minutes in hand to install it.


You can sign in or register using your email address. The app redirects to the pricing page on completing a registration where you can choose a plan of your own choice.

Purchase one of the plans and after successfully doing so you will get a message in your inbox regarding your login credentials. In the Account menu, you will be able to find your license key which will be required later.


Before beginning, you must look through the compatibility list to ensure if your device supports NEXSPY. You need to download the application from the received link and proceed with the installation.


Now you are ready to monitor your targeted phone. Just need to log in to your account portal and access it online at Just remember about the time taken to sync all the data.

NEXSPY is a great software to keep records and keep an eye on the one for whom you care. It is not about really spying but taking care when it is most needed. To keep your family members safe, NEXSPY is the one true solution. Don’t wait and go for this software and it is sure that you will not regret your choice.

NEXSPY dashboard 1

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FlexiSpy is a software that is advertised as a monitoring app for children, as well as for employees of a business or company.

Its features include the fact that it can monitor apps installed on the phone, record all incoming and outgoing phone conversations, keep track of its social media and messaging platforms, act as a GPS phone tracker app, view the internet and email activities, access the phone’s gallery, eavesdrop on and see the phone user’s environment, etc.

It can be installed like a cell phone tracker app without them knowing. Instead of installing the FlexiSpy software on an existing phone, you can also opt for purchasing a phone from FlexiSpy that already comes pre-installed with the software.



For both Android and iPhone users, this company provides only two packages to choose from, namely, Premium with one, three, or twelve months, and Extreme for either three or twelve months plan.

The monthly cost for Premium can go $68, while Extreme’s three-month plan can go up to $199. Pricing also varies for iPad and PC packages which start from $68 and can go up to $149.

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